About this site

The collection is called Re-FormĀ·ed. It looks at why people wear jewellery. In particular, investigating the emotional and sentimental connection to these cherished objects.

So far, this year has been about pushing my work beyond the traditional decorative function. My aim is to create jewellery that lets someone express themselves in a way that may not otherwise be able to. And to encourage people to think about what jewellery is, what it can be and why we wear it.

I am continually building on the collection of rings. At the moment there is no set number. One ring inspires the next and the designs continually evolve. So far all the ring models are either in wax or brass.

My aim is to cast each ring into precious metals. By asking people to donate old, unused, stamped gold or silver jewellery. Maybe there is a ring or a necklace that is never worn, but the memory of person who gave it is still wanted. Or that place where it was bought? Or just turning a negative into a positive.

The old pieces of jewellery will be melted down and the material recast into a ring form. In exchange for the donation, after my assessment and graduating exhibition, the donor gets the ring. The design that they have chosen, at the scale they chose and was cast from the jewellery that they donated. This way they are bringing a little of their own history to the object.

The first collection is the only series which will be labour free and for this series each ring will only be created once. Although, I hope to continue this collection beyond this series, collecting stories and transforming the old into the new.